Allende, Isabel
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Y All

Bell, Hilari
The Prophecy
Y Bel

Briggs, Patricia
Dragon Blood
Dragon Bones
Y Bri

Cadnum, Michael
The Dragon Throne
Y Cad

Carey, Janet Lee
Dragon’s Keep
Y Car

Coburn, Ann
Y Cob

D’Lacey, Chris
David Rain (series)

Funke, Cornelia Caroline
Dragon Rider
Y Fun

George, Jessica Day
Dragon Slippers
Y Geo

Goodman, Allison
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Y Goo

Hightman, Jason
Saint of Dragons (series)
Y Hig

Jordan, Sherryl
The Hunting of the Last Dragon
Y Jor

McKinley, Robin

Nigg, Joseph
The Book of Dragons & Other Mythical Beasts
Y 398.2454 Nig

Owen, James A
Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica (series)
Y Owe

Paolini, Christopher
Inheritance Trilogy
Y Pao

Stroud, Jonathan         
Buried Fire
Y Str

Toriyama, Akira
Dragon Ball (series)
Dragon BallZ (series)
Y Graphic Tor

Trumbauer, Lisa
A Practical Guide to Dragons
Y 398.2454 Tru

Vande Velde, Vivian
Dragon’s Bait
Y Van

Watt-Evans, Lawrence
Obsidian Chronicles (series)
Y Wat

Wrede, Patricia C.
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (series)
Y Wre

Yolen, Jane
Pit Dragon Trilogy
Y Yol

Zahn, Timothy
Dragonback Adventures (series)
Y Zah

Zombie Book of the Month

The Forest of Hands and Teeth
by Carrie Ryan

It is countless years since The Return, that time when the dead rose up against the living. Mary has never known a world without the Unconsecrated beating at the fence that surrounds the village, hungry for living flesh. But she believes there is life beyond the Forest. She believes her mother’s tales of the ocean and buildings that touch the sky. None of that seems matter anymore when she is sent to the Sisterhood, doomed to a life of prayers and healing and maintaining the fragile peace of the village. That peace is shattered by the appearance of Gabrielle, an outsider, whose existence is kept secret until she turns, leading the Unconsecrated into the heart of the village and turning Mary’s life inside out. Will she have the strength to survive and follow her mother’s dreams?

Five Fingers Up!