Here There Be Dragons

Here There Be Dragons
by James A. Owen

Here There Be Dragons is the tale of John, Jack, and Charles, three Oxford scholars and the beginning of their jobs as caretakers of the “Imaginarium Geographica,” an atlas to the Archipelago of Dreams, a land of myth and legend, of knights, of talking animals, and of evil kings. Thrown together after the murder of a mutual acquaintance, the three find themselves being chased by the murderers into the life of the last caretaker, who takes them to the Archipelago and tells them about the task that they have been given, caring for the atlas, and protecting the lands it represents from the evil “Winter King.”

I enjoyed following Joh, Jack, and Charles on their first journey. I was sucked into the twisting plot, and had a few laughs on the way. I recommend Here There Be Dragons to anyone who fell in love with Peter Pan, entered the Wardrobe, trekked across Middle Earth, or just loves a good swash buckler.

Taylor Anderson
Teen Reviewer


One Response to “Here There Be Dragons”

  1. Samantha Walters Says:

    Don’t forget the Starchild series of comic books, I believe they should be read by all teens

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