Book Review

colossus risesThe Colossus Rises
by Peter Lerangis

In the book The Colossus Rises an ordinary boy named Jack McKinley collapses in the middle of a busy street and when he awakes he finds himself in a strange place in a strange hospital, where he tries to escape, but is still sent back to the hospital. All the people at the hospital are special. At the hospital there is no parents. Their parents don’t know where they are because this place is not on the map. There is no way to escape. Jack and his friends Marco, Aly, and Cass set out on an adventure to find the seven magic that is hidden around the world. On their adventure they discover amazing things and strange creatures. And also a river or water that makes the dead come alive. There are code to figure out and dangerous things up ahead for Jack and his friends. They are to find the Loculus! When they find it one of their friend Cass, Aly, Marco, or Jack will almost be dinner for a hungry griffin! At the end once they discovered the Loculus and get Cass to his treatment Marco disappear with the Loculus!


Review by Tina, age 15

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