What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Young Adult section. Click on the title to go to the catalog for more information and place a hold.

The Tenderness of Thieves by Donna Freitas
Jane’s summer romance with Handel Davies, one of the town bad boys, helps her start to heal after being held at knifepoint during an armed robbery last winter. But bad boys have secrets.

Creed by Trisha Leaver
After their car breaks down, three friends take refuge in a nearby town called Purity Springs. But they soon discover that not everything is as it seem.

The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark
Maddy and Gabe have been partners for years—but only on the ice as skating partners. When their coach assigns a new romantic skating program, they may have to admit they feel more than they’re willing to admit.

Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert
Braden believes in God. But with his brother estranged and his father accused of murder, he faces an impossible choice, one that will define him for the rest of his life.

Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra
Gigi, Bette, and June, are students at an elite ballet school. When every dancer is both friend and foe, the girls will sacrifice, manipulate, and backstab to be the best of the best.



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