A Librarian Reads…

Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt

Fourteen year old Doug Swieteck has never had anything that was just his. He’s always had everything handed down from his older brothers…including their reputations. When his father decides to uproot the family to a middle-of-nowhere town, he doesn’t expect anything to change. And he’s right, at first. But then he discovers a book of Audubon paintings at the public library and makes an unlikely friend in Lil Spicer. He even gets a job of sorts and things are finally starting to look up. But for every step forward, his family seems to drag him one step back. Can his new-found love of art (and maybe of Lil) keep him from slipping back into the nobody he always let people believe he was?

I loved Doug’s authentic voice, and found myself rooting for him through every trial and setback. I recommend this for readers who like realistic fiction, slightly historical (1960s) fiction, books about people overcoming the odds, and anyone who loved Gary Schmidt’s The Wednesday Wars.


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