A Librarian Reads…

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan 

Ex-boyfriends Craig and Harry set out to break the world’s record for longest kiss after their friend Tariq was badly beaten. Peter and Neil are boyfriends who are still learning to navigate their new lives, even after having been together for a while. Ryan and Avery just met at a gay prom and are in the early stages of discovering each other and their places in the world. Cooper chats with anonymous men and boys online, but is utterly alone in real life. And watching over them all is the collective “We,” the generation of gay men who were shunned, beaten, and died of AIDS. They want so much to share what they’ve learned about life and love, fear and joy and sorrow, and the amazing power of simply being alive.

This book is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting as each story unfolds in its own way. The unique narrative style and the way the different parts of the book weave together made it hard to put down. Highly recommended for grades 8 and up.


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