What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the catalog for more information and to place a hold.

The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow
No one seems too concerned when Henry and his family disappears. But his best friend, Daisy, knows something isn’t right. When she breaks into his house and finds a note that says SAVE ME, she follows his trail deep into the California wilderness. What she finds there makes her wonder if she ever knew Henry at all.

Dan Versus Nature by Don Calame
When Dan’s mother sends him on a bonding trip, he enlists his best friend to come along on Operation Torment Crusade—a series of increasingly gross and embarrassing pranks they’ll pull on Hank until he breaks like a twig. But they didn’t count on a hot girl joining their trip or a man-hungry bear stalking their every move.

Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit
Anna’s father has been taken by the Nazis, leaving her all alone until she meets the Swallow Man. Like her father he has a gift for languages, including that of birds. When he summons a bright, beautiful swallow down to his hand to stop her from crying, Anna is entranced. She follows him into the wilderness, where she soon learns that in a world gone mad, everything can prove dangerous. Even the Swallow Man.

Burning by Danielle Rollins
Angela is a few months shy of release after three years in juvie. Then Jessica arrives—only ten years old and under the highest security possible. As strange things begin, it becomes clear that juvie is no longer safe. They must find a way to get out, but how can they save themselves when the world has forgotten them?

A Fierce and Subtle Poison by Samantha Mabry
Lucas lives on the mainland most of the year but spends summers with his hotel-developer father in Puerto Rico. He’s heard stories about the cursed girl, and wants to believe in Isabel and her magic. When his new girlfriend disappears, Lucas turns to Isabel for answers–and finds himself lured into her strange and enchanted world.



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