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The Summer Reading Program ends July 30, 2016. Be sure to turn in your reading logs and extra reading slips to receive your prizes and be entered into the drawings.

The Pizza Party for Summer Reading Program finishers will be on Thursday, August 4 at 6:00. Register by calling 309-524-2470 by Monday, August 1 to reserve your spot.


A Librarian Reads…

Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth

Jarrett has a lot on his plate. He’s in summer school, and not doing so well. If he doesn’t pass he’ll have to repeat sixth grade and be behind all his friends. He’s falling hard for a girl but can’t work up the courage to talk to her. And his best friend is acting weird since coming back from a visit with his dad. So the last thing he needs is for his mom to take in another foster baby, let alone that baby’s big brother. Kevon takes over Jarrett’s room, his friends, and his life. Jarrett knows Kevon is hiding something, and he wants to find out what it is so he can get rid of him as soon as possible. But everything he does turns out wrong, and Jarrett ends up looking like the bad guy.

Recommended for middle school and up.


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Featured Series

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California.

(1) Bloodlines

(2) The Golden Lily

(3) The Indigo Spell

(4) The Fiery Heart

(5) Silver Shadows

(6) The Ruby Circle

Around Town

Check out these events around town…

July 27 – Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft @ Bettendorf Public Library

July 27 – Teen Gaming @ Davenport Public Library (Fairmount)

July 28 – Teen Gaming @ Rock Island Public Library

July 28 – Anime Club @ Davenport Public Library (Fairmount)

July 28 – Tabletop RPG @ Bettendorf Public Library

July 29 – Retro Movie: Adventures in Babysitting @ River Valley District Library

July 30 – Movie: The Jungle Book @ Silvis Public Library


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What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the

Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake
Hadley wants to be angry and she wants everyone to leave her alone, especially her dad who cheated on her mom. Sam is adjusting to a new town after his parents’ divorce and is hoping that he can coast through senior year. When the two meet, their connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret that could ruin everything. Should he follow his heart or tell the truth?

Into the River by Ted Dawe
When Te Arepa Santos is dragged into the river by a giant eel, the course of his whole life is changed forever. He has brushed against the spirit world, and there is a price to be paid; an utu to be exacted. Years later, far from the protection of whanau and ancestral land he finds new enemies. This time, with no-one to save him, there is a decision to be made…he can wait on the bank, or leap forward into the river.

Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods
Wilamena is obsessed with the zodiac. So when she discovers a planetary alignment that won’t repeat for a decade, she’s forced to tackle her greatest astrological fear: relationships and love. But when Wil falls for a sensitive guitar player from the wrong side of the astrology chart, she must decide whether a cosmically doomed love is worth rejecting her dead mother’s legacy and the very system she’s faithfully followed through a lifetime of unfailing belief.

Meet Me Here by Bryan Bliss
Thomas is supposed to leave for the army in the morning. That was always the plan. But when his brother Jake came back from overseas a completely different person, Thomas began to have doubts. When his long-estranged friend Mallory suggests one last night of adventure, Thomas agrees, and together the two discover themselves in a powerful way.

Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims
Joy killed Adam Gordon—at least, that’s what she thinks. But she knows what Adam did to her twin sister, Grace. But someone else saw what happened. Now an anonymous blackmailer is using Joy to expose the secrets of their placid hometown. And as the demands escalate, Joy must somehow uncover the blackmailer’s identity before Joy is forced to make a terrible choice.

Next Week

The Summer Reading Program runs June 4 through July 30, 2016. Keep track of how much you read to receive prizes and enter drawings. Sign up for great programs all summer long. Register at the library or online.

Wednesday, July 27 @ 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Students ages 11-18 are invited to Afternoon Gaming, featuring a variety of video games, board games, and other activities. Drop in any time. No registration required.

Friday, July 29 @ 5:30-10:30 p.m.
Students ages 11-18 are invited to the Moline Public Library on Friday, July 29 from 5:30 to 10:30 to take part in the National Library Lock-In. Join us for a variety of food, games, and activities in the library after hours and connect with other teens across the country. Registration and permission slip required are required. Call 309-524-2470 to register.

A Librarian Reads…

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Ivan is a Silverback gorilla. But he doesn’t live in the jungle, or even a zoo. His domain is a small cage in a circus in a mall. His friends include Stella, the performing elephant, Bob, a stray mutt who sleeps on his belly, and Julia, the daughter of the mall’s custodian. Ivan spends his days happily eating, showing off for the few visitors, and drawing pictures which are sold in the gift shop. But everything changes when a baby elephant comes to live at the mall. For the first time in his life, Ivan feels like a real Silverback with someone to protect.

Though this is a children’s story, the language is so beautiful and moving I would recommend it to everyone. But be aware, life for animals in a circus in a mall is not always happy or easy to read about.


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