What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the catalog for more information and to place a hold.

My Brilliant Idea (And How It Caused My Downfall) by Stuart David
Jack is daydreaming in class one day when he gets an idea he knows can’t fail: an app that stops you from daydreaming in class. Fame, glory, and tons of money seem just around the corner. But Jack runs into some trouble, and suddenly this sure thing doesn’t seem quite so sure.

Trial by Fire: A Riley Donovan Mystery by Norah McClintock
Riley Donovan is the new kid in a small town where her aunt (and guardian) has just started a job as a detective on the town’s police force. When she starts her own investigation into a barn fire, she finds herself the target of vandalism and violence, makes some powerful enemies, and uncovers the depth of the town’s prejudice and corruption.

Love Blind by Christa Desir and Jolene Perry
Haley has a list of things she shouldn’t worry about, wouldn’t worry about if she didn’t wake up every morning with the world a little more blurry. For a while, the only thing that keeps Hailey moving forward is the feeling she gets when she crosses something off the list. When she meets Kyle, who has his own issues, Haley talks him into making his own list.

Breaker by Kat Ellis
A year has passed since Kyle’s serial killer father was executed, and he feels like he’s finally getting a chance at a real life. Then he recognizes the girl sitting in the back row in homeroom. Naomi is intrigued by Kyle, but she doesn’t know he is the son of the man who murdered her mother. When people start to die, they will have to work together to stop the killer.

Spark by Holly Schindler
Years ago, Nick and Emma’s tragic love story played out on the stage of the Avery Theater. Now Quin is convinced it’s the perfect story to rewrite for her drama class. But the Avery is somehow rapidly regaining its former splendor as the spark between Quin’s classmates Dylan and Cass grows. Will Quin be able to save her friends and the Avery this time around?


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