A Librarian Reads…

The Haunting of Apartment 101 by Megan Atwood (Paranormalists, Book One)

Jane was tired of being overlooked, especially since her best friend Jackson was one of the most popular kids at school. So a year ago she dyed her hair pink, changed her name to Jinx, and started a website dedicated to paranormal investigations. Jackson was eager to help out, but he has his own reasons—he hopes ghosts are real so he can make contact with his dead father. Unfortunately, the two have only had two cases so far, and they both turned out to be a bust. When popular Emily tells them her apartment is haunted, Jackson is eager to help, and even Jinx is intrigued enough to take the case. But she doesn’t trust Emily, which puts a strain on her friendship with Jackson. Something is definitely going on in apartment 101, but will Jinx and Jackson be able to trust each other enough to discover the truth?

Recommended for fans of mystery and the paranormal in middle school and up.


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