A Librarian Reads…

Feed by M.T. Anderson

When Titus and his friends head to the moon for spring break, they’re just hoping to have a good time. The moon turns out to kind of suck, but things look up when he meets Violet, a strange quiet girl who always seems to be just slightly apart from things. But then the unthinkable happens. While dancing at a club, a hacker disrupts their feed. The feed is everything, hardware in their brains that lets them chat and shop and watch anything they want at a single thought. What’s more, the feed shows them what’s cool, what they should be wearing, what they should be buying, what they should be thinking. Luckily, they’re only shut down for a couple of days, and everything goes back to normal. Only, for Violet it doesn’t. She wants to resist the feed, says it’s made everyone stupid and compliant. Titus knows Violet is smarter than him, but she also just doesn’t understand that this is just the way things are.

Fans of dystopian novels will love this chilling look at the way things could become. Recommended for high school and an up.


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