A Librarian Reads…

Code of Honor by Alan Gratz

Kamran and his older brother Darius have a code. Be the strongest of the strong. Be the bravest of the brave. Help the helpless. Always tell the truth. Be loyal. Never give up. Kill all monsters. They live by that code. Darius went to West Point and became an army ranger, and Kamran will soon follow in his steps. So there is NO WAY Darius did the things they said he did, turned traitor and joined a-Qaeda. But that’s what everyone believes. Even Kamran’s best friends suddenly can’t see past his Persian heritage. But he knows his brother is innocent, and he has proof when he realizes Darius is sending secret codes through his videos. Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security only sees this as proof that Kamran is a traitor too. Soon proving Darius’s innocence is only one of Kamran’s concerns, right up there with being arrested, trying to stop a terrorist plot, and staying alive.

Highly recommended for fans of non-stop action and intrigue in high school and up.


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