What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the

Life Before by Michele Bacon
Xander can’t wait for high school to end so he can start his real life. He’s tired of hiding secrets from everyone. But instead of kicking off an amazing summer, graduation day brings terror. His family’s secrets are thrust out into the open, forcing Xander to confront his greatest fear. Or run from it. Armed with a fake ID, cash, and a knife, Xander’s real life isn’t quite what he’d hope for.

Beneath Wandering Stars by Ashlee Cowles
Gabriela promised her brother that if anything ever happened to him, she would walk the Camino de Santiago through Spain, making a pilgrimage in his name. When he is horribly wounded in Afghanistan, she sets out with his best friend, a boy she has despised all her life.

The Smaller Evil by Stephanie Kuehn
Arman has stolen two-thousand dollars from his meth-head stepfather to attend an expensive self-help retreat in the remote hills of Big Sur. The leader, Beau, takes Arman under his wing, the first person to ever believe he’s anything more than a failure. But there’s something strange about the program, and when Beau disappears, Arman must rely on the person he’s always trusted the least: himself.

The Darkest Lie by Pintip Dunn
CeCe and her mother were as close as two people could be. Or at least she thought so. When her mother commits suicide after accusations of having sex with a student, CeCe is left confused and alone. Now she’s volunteering at the school’s crisis hotline and trying to piece together fragmented clues that point to a twisted secret at the heart of her community.

Riverkeep by Martin Stewart
Wull’s father is the Riverkeep, keeping the Danék clear for boats and fishing corpses from its depth. But when he is pulled into the river and emerges possessed by a dark spirit, Wull becomes the Riverkeep, but also must find a way to care for his father. A cure might exist, far away in the belly of a great sea-dwelling beast. Now he must travel down the very river his family has always protected, facing creatures touched by magic and madness and alchemy, and maybe finding a courage he never knew he possessed.


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