A Librarian Reads…

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Sunny is an outsider in so many ways. She is Nigerian by birth, born in America, now living back in Nigeria. Even though she speaks Igbo, her fellow students consider her an “akata,” not truly one of them. She’s a better student than most and plays soccer even though she’s a girl. But what sets her apart the most is her skin. As an albino, Sunny has never been accepted, not even by her own father. Even when she discovers she has magic powers, she is still on the outside. Because her parents are “Lambs” (non-magic people), Sunny is not a true Leopard Person, but a “Free Agent.” As she and her friends race to learn everything they can in order to stop a serial killer, Sunny will have to find out where she fits in and find her own kind of strength.

This book is set in Nigeria, offering a glimpse into a world we don’t often get to see. Recommended for middle school and up.


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