A Librarian Reads…

Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo doesn’t fit in to the real world. He listens to his Internal Music, concentrates on his special interests, and likes to have his day scheduled to the last minute. He also has trouble looking people in the face and understanding emotions. But he doesn’t really fit in at his school either, being much higher on the autism spectrum than most of his fellow students. His father wants him to try his last year of high school at a public school, but offers him a deal. If Marcelo works at his law firm for the summer, and can follow all of the rules of the real world, he can choose his own school in the fall. But the rules of the real world aren’t always easy to understand, let alone follow. As Marcelo finds himself trying to understand romance and betrayal, secrets and loyalty, and injustice, he learns to follow his own path.

Recommended for high school and up.


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