A Librarian Reads…

A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen

Gerta was just eight years old when her Papa and brother Dominic left home and never came back. But it wasn’t their fault. They had had gone to West Berlin to find a way to move the whole family there, and while they were gone the Wall had gone up. Now, four years later, Gerta, her Mama, and her brother Fritz have mostly adjusted to life behind the wall. Mostly, but not completely. Because of Papa’s involvement in protests years ago, they all live under constant scrutiny. They must be extra careful about talking out against the government, smuggling in contraband magazines and records from the West, and daring to hope for a better life. When Gerta sees Dominic and Papa on the other side of the Wall, she knows they are trying to send her a message. She knows, too, that she can’t stay in the East for much longer. People die trying to escape, but for Gerta, the chance at living free is worth the risk.

Historical fiction that shows a side of the Cold War of the 1960s that most of us haven’t seen before, this novel is recommended for middle school and up.


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