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Burn, Baby, Burn by Meg Medina

Nora is just trying to get by in 1977 New York City. She’s looking forward to graduating high school and turning eighteen so she and her best friend, Kathleen, can disco all night long. But she can’t ignore all the troubles going on around her. For starters, her brother, Hector, is getting out of control. But her Mima makes excuses for his drug use and violence and warns Nora that family must always come first. And the whole city is on alert about the serial killer known as Son of Sam, who is targeting girls with long dark hair—like Nora. Which makes it difficult for her to find the time and courage to go out with the cute new guy at the store where she works. But the worst is yet to come, and Nora will have to make a terrible choice about where she stands and what she stands for.

Recommended for readers in high school and up with an interest in history and family stories.

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