Teen Artists

Teen Artists

Check out these books featuring teenage artists. Click on the title for more information or to place a hold.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett

And We’re Off by Dana Schwartz

Blood Water Paint by Joy Mccullough

Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz

Glow by Megan E. Bryant

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen

Original Fake by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Your Destination Is on the Left by Lauren Spieller

You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner

What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the catalog to find the book or place a hold.

And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness
With harpoons strapped to their backs, the proud whales of Bathsheba’s pod live for the hunt, fighting in the ongoing war against the world of men. When they attack a ship bobbing on the surface of the Abyss, they expect to find easy prey. Instead, they find the trail of a myth, a monster, perhaps the devil himself. As their relentless Captain leads the chase, they embark on a final, vengeful hunt, one that will forever change the worlds of both whales and men.

Born Scared by Kevin Brooks
From the moment he was born, Elliot’s life has been governed by acute fear. The only thing that keeps his terrors in check are the pills that he takes every day. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s a snowstorm and Elliot’s medication is almost gone. His mum nips out to collect his prescription. She’ll only be 10 minutes—but when she doesn’t come back, Elliot must face his fears and try to find her.

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff (Lifelike, Book One)
When Eve learns she can destroy machines with her mind, she becomes a target for a group of puritanical fanatics, and with her new android best friend Ezekiel, faces cyborg assassins.

The Truth Lies Here by Lindsey Klingele
Penny, an aspiring journalist, teams up with the nerdy boy-next-door and the town’s star quarterback to find her conspiracy theorist father after he goes missing and several other townspeople turn up dead in the woods. The deeper she digs, the weirder things start to get. Pretty soon, Penny’s research leads her to the long-ago meteorite crash in Bone Lake’s woods, and she’s going to have to reconsider her definition of “real” if she wants answers.

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer
Nita’s mother hunts monsters and, after Nita dissects and packages them, sells them online, but when Nita follows her conscience to help a live monster escape, she is sold on the black market in his place.

Next Week

Are you a writer (or would like to be) who’s looking for inspiration, motivation, and constructive feedback? Write Now! is the place for you. Join us on Monday, October 29 at 6:00 p.m. in the 2nd floor program room for an informational meeting. We will discuss plans for NaNoWriMo and set a schedule for future meetings. Open to teens and adults of all writing levels and genres. No registration required.

Help the Moline Public Library knit/crochet blanket squares on Wednesday, October 31 at 5:30 p.m. Blanket squares will be used to make complete blankets which will be donated to Project Linus. Program is open to teens and adults of all levels of experience. No registration required. Supplies are provided but limited. Participants can bring their own supplies.

The Teen Advisory Group will meet on Thursday, November 1 @ 3:30 p.m. TAG is your chance to help plan programs and events for teens, recommend new books and materials for the library, earn service credits, make friends, and have fun. Grades 6-12.

Writers working on NaNoWriMo can come to the Moline Public Library on Mondays and Thursdays in November from 5:00 to 7:30 for a quiet place to work and catch up with fellow writers.


Check out events for teens at other area libraries:

Rock Island Public Library

Bettendorf Public Library

Davenport Public Library

East Moline Public Library

Silvis Public Library

River Valley District Library

Robert R. Jones Public Library

LeClaire Community Library

A Librarian Reads…

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Ruby was nine the first time she saw someone die. By her tenth birthday, most of the kids in her school were dead. Like most of the ones left, Lucy was taken off by soldiers with no warning. When she arrived at the camp, she quickly realized that being a yellow (kids who could control minds) was bad, so when it was her turn to be sorted she “suggested” to the doctor that she was a green. For the next six years she lived this lie, until one day she gets a chance to escape. But the world outside camp doesn’t seem much friendlier. She joins up with some other escaped kids, trying to find their families, some answers, and maybe a little hope.

Recommended for readers in grades 7 and up who enjoy stories about superpowers and corrupt governments.

* Book read as an e-book through the Hoopla app

Featured Series

Paranormalists by Megan Atwood

When popular, pretty classmate asks best friends Jinx and Jackson, high school sophomores, to investigate a haunting at her father’s apartment, Jackson is sympathetic and convinces Jinx to trust him, despite her skepticism about Emily’s true intentions.

1) The Haunting of Apartment 101

2) The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern

3) The Mayhem on Mohawk Avenue

4) The Bridge of Death

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Thanks to everyone who came to our Halloween Cookie Decorating program. It was a blast and I really enjoyed how clever and talented you all are. 

What’s New?

Check out these new titles in the Teen Corner at the Moline Public Library. Click on the title to go to the catalog to find the book or place a hold.

Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
A new pair of shoes, a university degree, a husband—these are the things a girl dreams of in a Nigerian village. With a government scholarship around the corner, these dreams aren’t too far out of reach. But the girl’s dreams turn to nightmares when her village is attacked by a terrorist group in the middle of the night.

The Supervillain and Me by Danielle Banas (Morriston Superheroes, Book One)
Abby Hamilton’s older brother moonlights as a superhero, but she has no interest in following in his footsteps. Then a “supervillain” called Iron Phantom saves her life and warns her that not everyone in the “hero” world is who they seem to be. Now, Abby’s the one who’ll need to leap into action and save the day.

The Echo Room by Parker Peevyhouse
Rett and Bryn, both sixteen, wake in a locked facility, unaware of how they got there, whether they can trust each other, and who or what is with them.

Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman
After her sister and songwriting partner, Lee, dies in an automobile accident, seventeen-year-old Rumi is sent to Hawaii with an aunt she barely knows while she and her mother grieve separately.

Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower by Christian McKay Heidicker
Phoebe and her mom are forced to flee flesh-eating plants, radioactive ants, and blobs from outer space. They survive thanks to Phoebe’s dad—an invisible titan, whose giant eyes warn them where the next monster attack will take place. But when her mom mysteriously vanishes, Phoebe is left to fend for herself in small-town Pennybrooke. That’s when Phoebe starts to transform…