A Librarian Reads…

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter

Maddie and Logan were inseparable as kids, and not just because his dad was the president and hers was a Secret Service agent. They were truly best friends, and thought they always would be. Then Maddie’s dad whisked her away to a remote cabin in Alaska. No phone, no internet, no Logan. Then six years later he’s there again—sent to Maddie and her dad to keep him safe and out of trouble. Of course, Maddie might just decide to kill him herself. All those years of writing to him and not getting a word back has changed her. She’s tough, competent, and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Which comes in handy when Logan is kidnapped and she’s the only one around to save him…if she doesn’t kill him first.

Maddie is a great character who defies expectations. Part friendship story, part survival story, this book is packed with a great balance of action and character development. Recommended for readers in grades 8 and up.

* Book listened to as audiobook CD

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