A Librarian Reads…

Scream All Night by Derek Milman

Dario grew up in a horror movie. Or rather, a horror movie studio. Moldavia is a castle that serves as set, studio, and home to its cast and crew. But after years of neglect and abuse, he got out. Now emancipated and nearing his eighteenth birthday, Dario finally feels he might be free of the place. Then his brother calls to invite him to their father’s funeral. He’s still alive, but 91 and in poor health so he’s electing to be buried alive. Dario agrees to go, mostly because his childhood friend (and maybe more) Hayley asks him to. And then his worst fears come true…Dario’s father has left him the studio and only six months to turn the business around or everyone he’s ever loved will lose their jobs and homes.

Fans of cult horror movies will love all the references to the genre. Despite the craziness of the setting, however, this is a story about finding your place in the world and discovering your family. Recommended to readers in high school and up.

* Book listened to as audiobook CD



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