A Librarian Reads…

Damsel by Elana K. Arnold

The first Ama knows of her life is awakening in the arms of Prince Emory. He tells her he has rescued her from a dragon, but she remembers nothing…not even her own name. It is Prince Emory who gives her the name Ama, and Prince Emory who tells her that she will become his queen, and Prince Emory who decides everything for her. But Ama has two things Emory didn’t give her. One is her lynx kitten, whom she names Sorrow. The other is a distant memory of warmth and light and color. As Ama tries to adjust to life at the castle, too many questions remain for her to be content. Finding out the truth might be dangerous, but it is a risk Ama is willing to take.

This novel looks at the roles of women in society and asks the questions many are afraid to have answered. Recommended for mature readers in high school and up who are fans of high fantasy and feminist fiction.

* Book listened to as audiobook CD.


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