A Librarian Reads…

Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Volume One by John Layman

Tony Chu is a cibopath. When he eats he gets a psychic vision of that thing’s past. If it’s a fruit he can see where it was grown, what pesticides were used on it, when it was picked. If it’s an animal, the visions can be pretty gruesome. When he accidentally eats soup containing the chef’s blood, and realizes the chef is a serial killer, his secret is exposed. Luckily, the FDA has use for his gift. In a future where poultry has been outlawed following a bird-flu epidemic, they are just about the highest law in the land. Now Tony is caught up in an international conspiracy involving fruit, frogs…and a vampire.

While a bit gruesome at times, there is enough humor to keep this graphic novel entertaining. Recommended to readers in high school and up who enjoy light-hearted stories with a side of gore and violence.


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