A Librarian Reads…

I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall

When Jess goes to live with her father in the remote wilderness, she thinks she’s already survived the worst that life can throw at her. She lost her mother in a car crash that also left her scarred and broken. She can’t walk well and lives in constant pain. She really doesn’t think she’ll be able to survive the complete isolation, alone with a father she barely knows and still hasn’t forgiven for leaving when she was a child. But worse is yet to come. Her father has warned her about some men who might visit, and when they come she stays out of sight as he ordered. But then they kill her dad and burn down their cabin, leaving Jess on her own to survive the rapidly approaching winter. But she has something more on her mind than mere survival. She also wants revenge.

Recommended for readers in high school and up who like stories about wilderness survival and characters who overcome great obstacles.

* Book listened to on MP3 CD.

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