A Librarian Reads…

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

All Bri wants is to rap. Her father was a legend in Garden Heights before he was murdered. Bri doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps, though; she wants to stand on her own. When she gets her chance to battle in the ring, it looks like she’s finally on her way. But then everything starts going wrong. She’s involved in an altercation with the security guards at her school, her grades are dropping, her mom loses her job, and she finds herself distanced from her best friends. Her aunt helps her record a song, which goes viral, and causes all sorts of new problems. It also catches the attention of her dad’s former manager, who promises he can make all of Bri’s dreams come true. Only it’s not just her dream anymore, it’s a way to raise her family out of debt and save them all.

Fans of The Hate U Give won’t be disappointed in Angie Thomas’s second novel which explores complex issues with unflinching realism, but also offers hope. Highly recommended for readers in high school and up.

* Book listened to as Audiobook CD

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