A Librarian Reads…

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy (Once & Future, Book One)

Ari is a refugee from Ketch, the planet barricaded from the rest of the universe for daring to speak out against the tyrannical Mercer Company which basically controls the entire galaxy. Rescued outside the barrier as a child, her very existence is a threat to Mercer. When she accidentally crash lands on Old Earth and finds a sword, she takes it, hoping it might be worth enough to allow her and her adoptive brother Kay to hide out a while. But when she pulls the sword from its ancient tree, she awakens ancient forces. Merlin has been waiting for centuries for the next reincarnation of King Arthur, and this time it’s Ari. He hopes she will be the one to complete the cycle and achieve the goal of uniting all of humankind. Along with Merlin and Kay, Ari gathers her knights one by one, fulfilling her destiny. But taking down Mercer won’t be quite so easy.

A compelling blend of fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and comedy, this novel is recommended to readers in seventh grade and up who enjoy those genres and stories that break stereotypes and expectations.

* Book listened to on Audio CD

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