A Librarian Reads…

Hollow Chest by Brita Sandstrom

Charlie is counting down the days until his brother Theo will come home after being wounded in World War II. But people keep warning him that sometimes soldiers come home different than when they left. Sure enough, happy and loving Theo has turned into someone who is cold, distant—sometimes even cruel. Charlie needs to know what happened to Theo, and he discovers something called “Hollow Chest.” It is what happens to people whose hearts have been eaten by War Wolves. Charlie cannot accept that his brother’s heart is gone forever, so sets out to do something no one has ever done before—try to find the War Wolves.

This historical fiction is full of beautiful language, vivid descriptions of a London left ravaged by war, tender relationships, and hope. Highly recommended for all readers in middle school and up. One of the best books I have read this year!

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