Teen Advisory Group

What is T.A.G.?

The Teen Advisory Group of the Moline Public Library is your opportunity to help in the selection of teen materials, planning and implmentation of teen programs, and promotion of the YA department and the Library as a whole.

T.A.G. helps plan teen programs and service programs throughout the school year. These can be anything from putting on a play for children to a teen craft workshop to a library lock-in.

T.A.G memeber have the chance to recommend new materials for the library to add to its collection. They also get first dibs on the new books, movies, etc.

The Library participates in several state and nationwide events throughout the year. As a T.A.G. member you will have a special opportunity to participate in these events.

Who can Join?

Anyone age 12-18 or in grades 6-12 can join, regarless of where they live or go to school. Members are asked to actively participate in group discussions and help promote the library, the YA department and T.A.G.

Why Me?

Joining T.A.G. has many benefits. You get to:

  • Make new friends and hang out with old ones.
  • Advise the YA librarian on new purchases.
  • Review new materials.
  • Help plan activities that you want to do.
  • Receive service hour credits.
  • Add another line to your college or job resume.
  • Attend an end of the year party in your honor.

5 Responses to “Teen Advisory Group”

  1. Taylor Says:

    You forgot eat cookies if someone remembers to bring them. 😛

  2. Josh Says:

    Mmm, cookies… Anyways, certainly enjoyed my time there at TAG, sad it had to end.

  3. Izlyn Says:

    Do you need to sign up?

  4. Kris Patrick Says:

    Hello, My name is Kris And I am a teen coordiantor at my library. we are about to start our Teen Advisory Board and would love some info about how yours is run. my email is teens@mylpl.org. would love to hear form you.

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