Horror Books for Tweens and Teens

Check out these spooky books for some spine-tingling reading. Click on the title for more information or to place a hold.


The Hiddenseek by Nate Cernosek

Ravenous Things by Derrick Chow

Shadow Grave by Marina Cohen

The Lonely Ghost by Mike Ford

Infestation by Heidi Lang & Kati Bartkowski

Escape to Witch City by E. Latimer

The Collectors by Lorien Lawrence

The Black Slide by J. W. Ocker

Tales to Keep You Up at Night by Dan Poblocki

Wretched Waterpark by Kiersten White

Young Adult:

Into the Sublime by Kate A. Boorman

What We Harvest by Ann Fraistat

Howl by Shaun David Hutchinson

The Honeys by Ryan La Sala

Extasia by Claire Legrand

The Undead Truth of Us by Britney S. Lewis

These Fleeting Shadows by Kate Alice Marshall

The Book of Living Secrets by Madeleine Roux

I Shall Awaken by KateYina Sardicka

Hell Followed with Us by Andrew Joseph White

New Books

For Tweens:

Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit by Jesse Q Sutanto (Theo Tan, Book One)
A twelve-year-old Chinese American boy must learn to embrace his heritage and accept his beloved older brother’s spirit companion–a mystical fox named Kai–to solve the mystery of Jamie’s death.

J.R. Silver Writes Her World by Melissa Dassori
JR struggles to navigate the torments of middle school, made thornier by her secret power to write wishes into existence.

Hummingbird by Natalie Lloyd
When twelve-year-old Olive, who suffers from brittle bone disease and has been homeschooled all her life, finally attends school in person she soon discovers fitting in is not that easy, but if she can find the magical wish-granting hummingbird that supposedly lives nearby, and prove herself worthy, maybe her deepest wish will be granted.

Nothing is Little by Carmella Van Vleet
Felix, an eleven-year-old boy with Growth Hormone Deficiency and love for forensic science, finds out his biological father is also short and decides to find him.

Lark and the Wild Hunt by Jennifer Adam

When her brother disappears into the Fae realm, twelve-year-old Lark must try to save him by solving riddles, fixing an ancient clock, and trusting her new Fae friend, Rook.

The Devouring Wolf by Natalie C. Parker (The Devouring Wolf, Book One)
To find out why twelve-year-old Riley and the rest of the sapling pack did not transform into werewolves on the first full moon of the summer, they must unearth their community’s deepest secrets and face a terrifying legendary creature.

For Teens:

Oblivion Rouge by Pap Souleye Fall (Graphic Novel)
Follows the paths of Oumi and other young Hakkinen soldiers who are on their way to saving their African communities in a dystopian future in which a virus has infected half the population.

The Witchery by S. Isabelle
Logan came to Mesmortes Coven Academy in Haelsford, Florida, to learn to control her powers, but she soon learns she has a role to play in the ancient curse of the hellmouth–whatever the cost to herself and her new friends.

What’s Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla
After the ice cream stand where she works is robbed, seventeen-year-old Minerva Gutiérrez plans to get revenge on her predatory boss while navigating grief, anger, and dreams of escape from her dead-end hometown.

That’s Debatable by Jen Doll
Millicent M. Chalmers is depending on a series of debating victories, culminating in winning Alabama’s state debate tournament, to secure a college scholarship. But her singular focus is disrupted after a run-in with Taggart Strong, who seems equally dedicated to losing every debate as long as he says what he really believes.

The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones
Mer, the last living water diviner in the isles of Wales, seeks revenge against the prince who used her powers for his own evil ends.

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw
Saddled with queenly duties after marrying her one true love, Sally Skellington wonders if she traded one captivity for another until she finds a long-hidden doorway to an ancient realm putting everything into perspective.

Read It Before You See It for Teens

A Librarian Reads…

The Body in the Woods by April Henry

Alexis, Nick, and Ruby are members of the Portland County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team despite still being in high school. There first official call out is to find a missing man, but instead they find the body of a girl. The police are sure they have their suspect and are willing to consider the case wrapped up. But Ruby’s interest (or possibly obsession) with crime leads her to believe this murder could be related to another. Alexis is dealing with family issues that bring her back into the investigation. And Nick wants to be a hero, so he’s in. But the closer they get to finding the truth the less the police want them involved. And if they don’t figure it out soon, one of them may be next.

This fast-paced mystery alternates between the point-of-view of all three main characters, as well as the killer. Issues with families and friendships share equal weight with the main mystery. Recommended for mystery readers in high school and up.

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New Books

For Tweens:

Grounded for All Eternity by Darcy Marks
Mal and his friends break out of Hell and find themselves in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, and in order to return to their dimension, they must capture the escaped soul of one of the architects of the Witch Trials before he permanently upsets the balance of power on Earth.

Ravenous Things by Derrick Chow
Twelve-year-old Reggie is still grieving the passing of his father when a strange man promises to reunite the two, if Reggie only follows him deep into an underground subway system where horrors worse than Reggie ever imagined lurk around every corner.

A Reluctant Witch’s Guide to Magic by Shivaun Plozza
With her parents the victims of a misplaced curse, Willa and her army of cats are drawn into a mystery to save Willa’s city, her friends, and herself when it is revealed that she is a witch.

Team Chu and the Battle of Blackwood Arena by Julie C. Dao (Team Chu, Book One)
Competitive siblings Sadie and Clip Chu must set aside their differences and work together when they get stuck in a virtual reality laser tag game.

The Many Meanings of Meilan by Andrea Wang
A family feud before the start of seventh grade propels Meilan from Boston’s Chinatown to rural Ohio, where she must tap into her inner strength and sense of justice to make a new place for herself.

Invisible by Christina Diaz Gonzalez (Graphic Novel)
Although they’re sure they have nothing in common with one another, some people see them as all the same … just five Spanish-speaking kids. Then they meet someone who truly needs their help, and they must decide whether they are each willing to expose their own secrets to help … or if remaining invisible is the only way to survive middle school.

For Teens:

You, Me, and Our Heartstrings by Melissa See
Seventeen-year-olds Daisy, a talented violinist with cerebral palsy, and Noah, a great cellist with severe anxiety, plan to use the holiday concert to land a Julliard audition, but when they are chosen to play a duet, they worry their differences will sink their chances.

Blackwater by Jeannette Arroyo and Ren Graham (Graphic Novel)
Set in the haunted town of Blackwater, Maine, two boys fall for each other as they dig for clues to a paranormal mystery.

Baby Teeth: A Novel in Verse by Meg Grehan
Immy has never been as deeply in love as she is with Claudia. Meanwhile, the forbidden thirst for blood runs deep in Immy.

Don’t Go to Sleep by Bryce Moore
In 1918 New Orleans, seventeen-year-old Gianna Crutti’s worries about her family’s grocery, the Great War, and influenza are overshadowed when a murderer returns to terrorize the city–years after he attacked Gianna’s parents and left her with a psychic connection between them.

Youngblood by Sasha Laurens

Seventeen-year-olds Kat Finn and Taylor Sanger, two queer bloodsuckers at an elite vampire-only boarding school, must go up against all of Vampirdom when they uncover a frightening conspiracy on campus.

A Girl’s Guide to Love & Magic by Debbie Rigaud
Fifteen-year-old Haitian American Cicely is excited to celebrate the West Indian Day Parade with her aunt, and voodoo dabbler, Mimose, but when Mimose’s dabbling goes awry and she becomes possessed by a spirit, Cicely, Renee, and Kwame, her crush, must find a way to set things right.

Read It Before You See It for Tweens

A Teen Reads…

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

Shark Girl was a book that led through the emotions of going through something as difficult as losing a limb. This book inspired me to start writing with my non dominant hand because you never know when you’ll need it.

Review by Lindsey N

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