New Books

Check out these new books in the Tween section and the YA corner. Click on the title for more information or to place a hold.

For Tweens:

View from Pagoda Hill by Michaela MacColl
The daughter of a Chinese woman and American man, Ning doesn’t fit in in 1870s Shanghai, where her American features and unbound feet make her stand out. When she receives news that her father will be visiting from America, Ning excitedly hopes that her parents will become a family. Instead, she learns that her father is taking her back with him to America. Ning wonders if being American will finally give her a sense of belonging, but when she arrives, she discovers that living in America isn’t perfect either.

The Insiders by Mark Oshiro
Twelve-year-old Héctor Muñoz, fleeing from bullies, discovers a magical closet that not only provides him sanctuary, but also unites him with two other kids facing similar problems at their own schools, helping them find friendship and strength in each other.

A Tale as Tall as Jacob by Samantha Edwards (Graphic Novel)
When Jacob is born, Samantha is excited to have a little brother, but Jacob quickly grows into a loud, chaotic, and seemingly unstoppable force. His diagnosis with ADHD is shared by millions of kids, so why does Samantha’s unruly home life feel so uniquely difficult? As Samantha struggles to understand and survive Jacob’s daily shenanigans, shared moments of lighthearted fun remind her of the value of loving your family for who they are.

Obie is Man Enough by Schuyler Bailar
A coming-of-age story about transgender tween Obie, who didn’t think being himself would cause such a splash.

The List of Unspeakable Fears by J. Kasper Kramer
In 1910 New York City, four years after her Irish immigrant father dies of tuberculosis, ten-year-old Essie’s fear and anxiety continue to grow uncontrollably, so much that when her mother, a brave nurse, remarries and the family moves to North Brother Island, where Essie’s new stepfather runs a quarantine hospital for the incurably sick, Essie imagines all manner of horrors, including the ghost of a little girl–which might not be imaginary after all.

For Teens:

The F Words by Barbara Gregorich
Caught spray-painting the F word on his Chicago high school after his community activist father’s arrest, sophomore Cole Renner is sentenced to write two poems a week and uses his words to fight for justice for his father, for himself, for his best friend, and for his fellow students.

You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith
Adam and Whitney find themselves trapped in an arcade during a snowstorm, and the tension between them seems to melt away, leaving something else in its place.

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen (Skin of the Sea, Book One)
Transformed by the goddess Yemoja into a Mami Wati, an African mermaid charged with collecting the souls of those who die at sea, Simi goes against the gods to save a living boy, Kola, from drowning.

Briar Girls by Rebecca Kim Wells
Lena has a secret: the touch of her skin can kill … But after a devastating mistake, she and her father are forced to flee to a village near the Silence, a mysterious forest with a reputation for luring people into the trees, never to be seen again … Until the night an enigmatic girl stumbles out of the Silence … Miranda … is on a quest to wake a sleeping princess believed to hold the key to liberating the Gather from its tyrannical ruler and she offers Lena a bargain. If Lena assists her on her journey, Miranda will help her break the curse.

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